Grace Lutheran Church was founded in 1955 and continues to have a vibrant ministry and outreach that reaches across the city. We welcome all people to our worship services and weekly programs and events.

This faith community is a member of the Eastern Synod – ELCIC and as such we practice hospitality of the Lord’s table and all who are believers are welcome to commune.

Rev. Loretta Jaunzarins M.Div, PCSG
Pastor, Spiritual Healing Coach, Healing Circle Facilitator
905 527 0877
email: info.glchamilton@gmail.com

If you are in need of pastoral care, hospital visitation, Celebration of Life or funeral services, would like baptism for yourself or your child, or discuss your wedding, please contact Pastor Loretta at info.glchamilton@gmail.com or call 905 527 0877. She would be happy to assist!

Rev. Loretta Jaunzarins has been pastor at Grace since 2005.

Our Mission Statement:

We believe in a loving, merciful, generous, and creative God. In response, we will create a faith community that welcomes all and encourages everyone to grow spiritually as disciples of Jesus Christ.

We do this by:

– welcoming all into our faith community as we work to eliminate the barriers that may divide us.

– building on the Lutheran tradition to grow in stewardship, discipleship, and caring for one another.

– engaging in partnerships with community organizations, area congregations, and the wider church to help those in need.